Irish Car Bombs, a Drink for Celebrations!

There are many things a person can do to celebrate…On New Year’s Eve people drink Champagne, on St. Patrick’s Day people drink green beer, during the fall holidays people drink egg nog, and when it is time to celebrate friends, family, and new people coming into this world people celebrate by drinking Irish Car Bombs, especially when the baby is blessed with an Irish name!

Before getting into the details of how to construct this drink there are a few things we at Provisions would like you to consider:

  1. This is an American cocktail with a horrible name, but some of the best ingredients on the planet.
  2. It is called an Irish Car Bomb because all of the components are Irish in origin Bailey’s Irish Cream, Jameson Irish Whiskey, and Guinness.
  3. It tastes great because the Irish know how to make their alcohol, but you should always drink in moderation.Provisions NWA Irish Car Bomb Mixed

Irish Car Bomb


  • Guinness Draught Beer
  • Bailey’s Irish Cream
  • Jameson Irish Whiskey
  • 1 Pint Glass
  • 1 Shot Glass

To mix this drink properly, fill up a pint glass halfway with Guinness Draught Beer. Then fill up a shot glass half-full of Bailey’s Irish Cream and half-full of Jameson Irish Whiskey. Once you have the components prepared you are ready to begin mixing and consumption.

Drop the shot glass, containing 1/2 Bailey’s Irish Cream and 1/2 Jameson Irish Whiskey, into the pint glass that is 1/2 full of Guinness Draught Beer. As soon as you drop the shot glass into the beer you will notice a chemical reaction taking place and that is when it is time to consume. There are multiple tactics that can be used to consume this beverage including the chug, the sip, the double-dip, and the inhalation. I personally prefer the chug because I usually consume the drink to celebrate an occasion, and it is the easiest way to taste all of the flavors these Irish beverages have to offer in a single gulp!

This is an easy drink to make, whether for personal celebrations or if it is simply for entertainment value at parties. It tastes smooth and full because one of the things the Irish are best at is making alcohol! Enjoy this drink and many more on our Have a Drink Page!

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